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Thursday, March 10, 2011


On Monday we had a follow up renal ultrasound at Cardinal Glennon. The last renal ultrasound that Lila had showed severe dilation of the kidneys and bladder. The doctor put us on Ditropan three times a day and increased our cathing from 2x a day to 5x a day. The UTI's that we had been experiencing went away and Lila has been feeling great! Well on Monday we got some AMAZING news!! The latest renal ultrasound showed MAJOR improvement! Lila's kindeys and bladder and 10x better! The doctor was amazed at her progress and even canceled the following ultrasounds that were scheduled for the next two months! He said that she looks like a new kid!! We had been praying for good results and we definitely got them! Praise GOD!
Also Lila may have said her first word but it's not confirmed yet lol. Both Daniel and I have thought we've heard her say mom but she likes to say it very quietly so we can't be sure! She has been much more vocal these past few weeks and I love it : ) Thank you for all your prayers!!
More later!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lila's 1st Birthday!

Lila had her first birthday last Saturday!!! I can't believe my little sweet pea is 1! We had a small family party at my mom's house and had a blast. All of our family was there and it was great! My mom made Lila a beautiful cake! Lila wasn't into the cake to much but she was in a GREAT mood! The above picture is by far my favorite (even though i look awful)! Happy 1st bday Lila!!!!
Thanks for following! More later!