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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Casts and Therapy

We went to St. Louis to Cardinal Glennon last Friday to see the orthopedic surgeon. His name is Dr. Puryear and he was super nice. After the three hour drive there we found out that Dr. Puryear was two hours behind in his appointments which meant a LONG wait for us. But thankfully the time went fast and we were able to see the doctor. Once the he looked at her foot the decision was made to put a cast on Lila's club foot. The cast will be worn for six weeks with the cast being changed every week. So now we have to go to St. Louis every week for the next six weeks but it is worth it. Lila doesn't seem to like her cast much and has been hitting people with it lol. When she is mad she picks up her leg with the cast and slams it down. Daniel and I feel bad and give her favorite treat (grape Tylenol) lol. She is getting so big! She is gaining her weight back and is getting stronger everyday.

Lila has also started her developmental therapy each Thursday. The therapist comes to our house and works with her for 45 min. Miss. Speth (the therapist) is wonderful and Lila seems to like her. Although she does hate it when Miss. Speth makes her do tummy time. Lila is holding her head up and looks like she is trying to crawl already! She is rolling over but she has to get really angry to do it lol. The therapist is encouraged by her improvement so far and thinks Lila is doing great. Lila did have some trouble tracking things with her eyes and I was pretty concerned about that but in the past couple of weeks she has gotten better. I think that is all for now but will post some pictures later and another update after our St. Louis visit!

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