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Saturday, January 21, 2012


It has been forever since I have updated the blog so I thought I better let you all know how awesome Lila is doing! Since Lila got her G tube she has been gaining weight and growing like a weed! We recently had a myleo clinic this past Wednesday and received really good reports. Lila had a renal ultrasound and some blood work done when we got there and then we waited and waited to get called back to clinic. The first doctor we saw was our urologist and his amazing nurse. He was so excited about Lila's progress! Her kidneys look "gorgeous" and apparently look nothing like they did this time last year which is amazing! Last year we were headed toward removing one kidney and now they both look gorgeous according to the Dr. Firlit! God is so good!! All the cathing and meds are definitely working!
We also saw our orthopedic and they said everything looks great :) they said that she is functioning at about L3-L4 and that she has good movement. We also picked up the Kid Kart!!!! A couple of months ago the company called to tell me that they changed their colors of the kid kart and asked that we look up the new colors on their website and let us know what color we wanted. After checking the new colors out we decided on purple :) Lila LOVES her kid kart!! I am so in love with it! It is so much easier to get her around and she loves sitting up and banging on her tray :) whenever I put her in it she smiles ear to ear! This week has been a week full of new equipment! We also got a new pump! It fits in a little backpack that we can take anywhere it is super awesome. Our old pump was attached to a IV pole and was impossible to travel with.So this new pump is a HUGE improvement!
Lila is getting so big! She is babbling and talking a lot more and lately has been trying to push up on her hands and knees when on her belly. She can only hold her self up for a small amounts of time but she's making big progress. When we first found out that Lila had spina bifida I worried that she would never walk. Now I've come to realize that it doesn't matter if she does or not. She's my baby and I love her no matter what. I realized this week that it no longer hurts to think that my baby is in a wheelchair. I was afraid that when we finally got our kid kart that it would feel bittersweet. But when we put her in her kid kart for the first time and I saw her smile and look so excited I knew that whatever happened I just wanted to see her have that look of excitement and happiness. There wasn't any bitter at all...only sweet. I am so excited about this new opportunity for Lila and can't wait to see how this kid kart will help her!God has blessed me with a truly amazing gift!

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